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Dava Foxx

Aliases: Dava Fox, Dava Foxxx

Country: United States

Born: April 27, 1982

Eye: Brown

Hair: Brown

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Boobs: Fake

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Dava Foxx is a <a href="">MILF pornstar</a> who had a whole life and career before she started in the porn business. She was a waitress at Hooters in NYC and had a few traditional office jobs. After being promoted to management and marketing at Hooters, she moved to California to open a new restaurant in downtown LA. The new spot didnt live up to her high standards, but there she met fellow pornstar <a href="">Destiny Dixon</a>, whom she eventually had her first offscreen threesome with! Before porn, Dava had a sugar daddy to buy her expensive things like purses and jewelry. She eventually quit working for Hooters and started working at another <i>breastaurant</i>. She also did Playboy TV, where she fucked lots of costars. Someone saw her doing it on TV and then hired her for a porn movie. Shes also been on some reality TV shows like Millionaire Matchmaker. ><br> Dava hasnt done <a href="">anal in porn</a> yet but she wants to, despite being a bit scared of all those big dicks. Her biggest sexual fantasy that she hasnt acted out yet is a boy/boy/girl threesome. So far, she has only done a girl/girl/boy where her girlfriend and boyfriend fucked her. Dava is a nature lover who likes to go hiking whenever she can. Thats most of what she does with her spare time when shes not getting her pussy banged in hardcore porn movies!

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